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The law of attraction is very real and with just a few simple steps you too can attract health, wealth and happiness.

The Fastest Way to Unlock the Law of Attraction in Your Life.

“From the minute I put on my headphones, I instantly felt a different INSIDE my head! It was like my brain felt alive and in tune...in a way I’d never experienced. It was crazy. The most amazing part was, within the first week, I could absolutely tell a difference in what I was manifesting. I had attracted and closed two HUGE contracts! Cha-ching!” Belle Gonzalez, Ashland, OR

The history of the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that anyone can determine their destiny through the power of their minds.

Many theorists hold to the belief that the universe is governed by a set of universal laws; these laws cannot be changed or broken and they apply to every individual, regardless of race, age or nationality. These laws are the riverbanks which guide the flow of their lives on its journey to its ultimate end. 

"The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking." ~Joseph Murphy

Before we go too deep into the modern applications of the Law of Attraction it is important that you understand that this isn’t simply new age nonsense (most descriptions refer to it as a product of a New Age Mentality). The principles of the Law of Attraction date back far beyond the new-found popularity of the New Age.

The immortal Buddha was one of the first to introduce man to the law of attraction. He said, “What you have become is what you have thought.” This was a principle that the people of the east were acquainted with for centuries before it began to sweep into the western hemisphere. 

The concept of karma also may have drawn its roots from the law of attraction. Karma states that you will eventually be revisited by that which you have sent out into the universe. If you have practiced kindness and compassion you will receive in kind. If you have been deliberately cruel to another you will receive back into your life that cruelty which you have sent out. Your actions and thoughts morph into physical entities, causing the universe to react in kind.

The Law of Attraction began to gain popularity in the western hemisphere in the 19th century, as people began to appreciate the power of positive thinking and apply it to their life. This new concept was first introduced to the public by William Walker Atkinson, the editor of New Thought magazine, who published a book called Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World in 1906.

As you can see, the Law of Attraction isn’t new. The concept that thought can have a predominate effect on the course of a man’s destiny has been taught by wise men throughout the ages, and has given rise to a whole new era of beliefs.

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