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What makes the law of attraction work?

Going beyond the theory, what makes the law of attraction work?

The theory behind the Law of Attraction is the belief that energy attracts like energy in the vast expanse of space and time that comprises our universe.

Each person’s being is constantly radiating energy out into space; the type of energy being radiated is determined by the emotional state of the individual in question and may differ from day to day-sometimes even hour to hour!

This emotional energy is what is commonly known as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration by scientists studying the law of attraction. Chances are that you’re familiar with the term. Have you ever been with someone who is so happy they seem to be radiating a “glow which inspires happiness in all those around them?

By the same token, have you ever spent time with someone who was so critical and unhappy that they consistently gave off a “negative vibe” which seemed to suck the life and happiness out of all those around them?

You don’t have to possess psychic powers to be able to feel the vibes that people emit; this energy is very real on a psychological plane and will affect anyone, anywhere at any time.

Our vibrations are usually an unconscious response to some form of environmental stimulus; something has happened which has caused us to feel happy, or sad, or scared, or confused, or stressed, etc., and our subconscious response to this (because vibes are generated and projected from the subconscious rather than the conscious) is something that is beyond our control.

Chances are the person who is emitting a negative vibe doesn’t choose to be unhappy, nor do they wish to inflict their unhappiness on all those around them by the simple fact of their presence. (Before you say what you’re thinking, yes, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Misery does love company and there are many who take a great deal of delight in inflicting their pain on other people. It is important to understand that this isn’t usually done in a desire to cause others pain but out a desire to not feel so alone in their unhappiness.

There are many feelings which lead to positive and negative vibes being emitted, and it is important before we continue any form of discussion about the Law of Attraction that you understand what each of these are (you’ll understand the reasons for this a little later).

Positive vibes, ones generated from good feelings, such as:

- Joy
- Love
- Excitement
- Abundance (of anything that causes a positive response)
- Pride
- Comfort
- Confidence
- Affection

Negative vibes, ones generated from negative feelings, such as:

- Disappointment
- Loneliness
- Lack (of any of life’s necessities or luxuries)
- Sadness
- Confusion
- Stress
- Anger 
- Hurt

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