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How vibes can work for you to attract health, wealth and happiness.

The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is the belief that life energy attracts like energy.

This means that if a person is emitting positive vibes they will draw good things to them and if they are emitting negative vibes they will draw bad things to them.

- You’re a living magnet, attracting what you want.

You have seen this principle in practice before. Have you ever known someone who was always upbeat and positive and seemed to be too lucky to be true? On the flip side, you have certainly known someone who loved to complain and look on the darker sides of life that always seemed to have something new to complain about because things were always going wrong in their life. These examples show people attracting the results of the energy they are giving off.

“Remember, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted.” ~Michael J. Losier

Does this mean that all the bad things that happen to you in this life are because you subconsciously wanted them to? This is one of the most common arguments against the concept of the Law of Attraction and it often the hardest to refute because people have not yet recognized that the Law of Attraction isn’t a pipe dream or something that someone dreamed up while sitting on their porch one hot summer night. It is a fact of life, and its effects are far reaching.

In answer to your question, no, not everything bad that happens in your life is a result of you subconsciously wishing for it to happen. Sometimes it is a result of someone else wishing for it to happen. To quote an example from a website pertaining to the Law of Attraction a child or a spouse who is abused isn’t abused because they wished for this abuse to happen. This abuse happened because the abuser allowed their negative thoughts concerning their child or spouse to creep across their subconscious until they eventually began to dictate their actions.

The mind is a powerful thing, and where the mind goes the feet will soon follow. The foundation of any success you’re going to encounter in lie isn’t the ability of your physical body to overcome the obstacles but of your mind to believe that a way lies around them. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Where your mind can believe that there is a way for the body to achieve its heart’s desire a way does exist.

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