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Love, family and the law of attraction.

There are two parts of their life which people generally try to change; their work environment and the relationships which they have with their families and their significant others.

You may be asking yourself, “Can the Law of Attraction really help me to build relationships with the people that I love, and to mend broken fences?”

The answer is, absolutely! The people you love are governed by the same ebb and flow of energy as you yourself are, and as such their energies will naturally be attracted to like energies which are being emitted from another person. If you’re vibrating positive energies and emotions, they will respond in kind. They will not be able to help themselves; it is simply the way of the world.

Let us consider your family first, as with family there is already a subliminal bond which will help you to improve your relationship right from the very beginning. There are many reasons why family members may find themselves at odds with each other; it isn’t necessarily a pre-requisite that you like the people you love, and for families who often find themselves in each other’s back pockets and competing for common resources the fights can become vicious.

Regardless of the reasons you and your family may have had for your falling out it is never good to leave relationships festering like that. You need to fix them in order to achieve true serenity and harmony in your life (have you begun yet to notice how closely the Law of Attraction interacts with other laws which govern the universe?). In order to fix a relationship that has been broken you must first be confident in the fact that you not only are going to be able to mend the broken ties, but that you truly want to.

It is very easy to utter lip service to the people around you, telling them that you want to mend your broken fences (and often blaming the fact that they are broken on the other party involved, of course) when you continue to carry the stain of dislike that you hold towards the other person in question. You don’t really want to mend your fences, or if you do you have not yet let go of what has caused the separation in the first place.

Letting go of your resentment is an essential ingredient in finding harmony, for in order for the Law of Attraction to be able to work to smooth your way you must first rid yourself of all of the negative energy you have been sending towards them so far. It is important that you accept the fact that you can forgive and forget, allowing the two of you to move on with your life with a much happier relationship than you have experienced to date.

The process of attracting a significant other is much the same; however, for the Law of Attraction to be able to attract them to you, you must be very specific when making your request to the universe regarding exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you should outline the color of their hair, their eyes, their political background (although if this is of primary importance you it may be worth submitting it for consideration) or their political position in society.

Remember, the Law of Attraction means that your subconscious mind is going to be drawn to their subconscious mind, and politics aren’t going to be of primary importance there. Instead, focus on the kind of values you wish for them to possess, the type of relationship that you’re looking to share with them (do you want to get married, date casually, etc) as well as personality traits which you feel are especially important. Then allow yourself to believe that you’re going to find this paragon of virtue.

The last step here is the most important. As was the case in the example we used pertaining to the ability of an individual to obtain employment, the belief that a relationship with the person of your dreams is beyond your reach is going to result in you being correct. Remind yourself that every day hundreds of men and women are building a life with the person of their dreams; there is no reason for you to be excluded from this number.

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